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Play Details

Playwright:Debashis Biswas

Duration Of The Play: 2 hrs 10 mins


The Play


The play Indur O Manush is an adaptation of the American novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. It is a story where two opposites – the clever, wiry George Milton and the lumbering, powerful Lennie Small – move south from Weed, to work on a ranch in Soledad, California. They have recently escaped from a farm where Lennie – gigantic in stature, well meaning, gentle, but with limited mental capacity – was wrongly accused of rape. The story revolves around their ambition of owning a ranch, and the obstacles that stand in the way. It reveals the dignity, loneliness and sacrifice of the dream that seems all the more tempting for its impossibility; apparently unattainable but exceedingly attractive in nature in the light of the lonely, shiftless lives of migrant workers. A strong desire of stability and refuge of companionship motivates most of the action in which the dream of commitment – the central need of all men for a companion – represents the primary theme of the play. Lennie is docile, submissive and dependent, very much prone to episodes of uncontrollable physical power, and George is his protector, while the rest of the characters are developed largely in terms of natures of dreams, powerlessness, hope and despair and chiefly loneliness in the ephemeral nature of life. Their earnest efforts hinge on Lennie whose feeble-mindedness renders him unaware of the social stigmas that the one man who could serve as a non-judgmental companion cannot co-exist safely with others, be it a mere puppy or a lady.


Director’s Note


In the backdrop of Californian rustic life of farmers and workers and their dreams dreamt and dreams shattered, it is a play with a sensitive approach to complexities of human relationships. In contrast to the omniscient third-person perspective, from which the director, and thus the audience, can read the minds of all the characters, the objective of view doesn't allow us direct access to the characters' thoughts and feelings. We can deduce those thoughts and feelings only by means of what the characters do and say. Though unusual for a novel, this approach is typical of plays and film, which helps explain why Of Mice and Men was easily adapted for the Broadway stage and as a Hollywood movie. It may be a story of friendship, ambition and dreams, but it ultimately succumbs to the predestined cruelty though a humane sacrifice, however brutal it may be.


The Director & Playwright


Debashis Biswas was born in Kolkata and graduated from Calcutta University. He started his career as an actor under the eminent Director Meghnad Bhattacharjee. He played major characters in different plays e.g. in Winkle Twinkle, Ruddhasangeet, Fataru Chatuskon Bikele, Bhorer Sorse Fool etc. under stalwart directors of Bengal. In 2012 he formed a group Howrah Bratyajon and directed four plays viz. Jayoman, Death Case, Anandibai and Indur O Manush.


The Group


Howrah Bratyajon was established in April 2012 with 30 members. Apart from theatrical performances, the group arranges various theatre activities like festivals, workshops, seminars etc. The group is also engaged in social service to encourage all-round development of theatre fraternity.


Cast & Credits

Lennie Small                                        Sankar Debnath

George Milton                                      Koushik Kar

Candy                                                  Debasis Biswas

Carlson                                                            Sambit Guha/Amar Nag

Slim                                                     Krishnendu Adhikari

Crooks                                                 Samiran Sarkar

Curley                                                  Sumit Kumar Roy / Prasenjit Bardhan

Curley’s Wife                                      Tannistha Biswas

Wheat                                                  Atri Bhattacharjee

Farm House Owner                              Avirup Ghatak

Clara Aunty                                         Kalyani Biswas

Others                                                  Sagnik, Abhisek


Music & Sound Effect                        Rabiranjan Moitra

Music Arranger                                                Debasis Som

Music Operation                                  Swapan Banerjee / Jayanta Paul

Set Designer                                         Debasis Dutta & Kalyani Biswas

Set Making                                           D Moy

Light Designer                                     Sekhar Samaddar

Light Operation                                    Sujit Ghosh

Costume Designer                                Sangita Pal

Choreography                                     Bhaskar Routh

Set Props & Crafts                               Palash Chowdhury

Make-Up                                             Md. Ali

Production Controller                          Kalyani Biswas & Amar Nag

Assistance                                            Sandeep, Bikram, Surojit, Sweta, Rima


Original Story                                    John Steinbeck

Script & Direction                              Debashis Biswas

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