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Play Details

Playwright:Bhasa & Rabindra Nath Tagore

Duration Of The Play: 1hr 10mins


The Play

Katha-Karnabhar is based on the creations of Bhasa and Rabindra Nath Tagore. It depicts the painful conflict of Karna’s life. After the rituals and invocation the play begins with Karna, his chariot-wheel stuck in the ground at the end of his life. Kunti is seen in retrospect with an urge to bring back her eldest son and gets refusal. Karna and Shalya come with a preparation of battle. Karna remembers the curse of his guru Parashurama. Devraj Indra, dressed like a Brahmin, begs for his life saving ‘Kavacha-Kundala’ which according to Krishna’s plan would assure Arjuna’s victory over Karna, Devduta comes and offers an unfailing spear named ‘Vimala’ to Karna saying that Indra is sorry for taking away the armour (Kavacha) and earrings (Kundala) and he has sent this unfailing weapon to kill one of the Pandavas. Karna hears the sound of Arjuna’s conch and commands Shalya to drive his chariot to the warfront.


Director's Note

All my feelings, attachment and inclination towards the tragic hero Karna, came to me at the age of 14 from the lyrical play of RabindraNath Thakur’s Karna-Kunti Sambad which I have been reading for last 20 years. In this context a dramatic treatment of Krishna as a silent politician has been also introduced by the director-designer in this very production.
In Karnabharam, Karna's mother Kunti tells him not to attack or kill his own brothers (Pandavas). I want to underline that Kunti left him immediately after his birth to guard her honour, and later came to him with the political plan to take him away from the enemy and was refused by Karna.


The Director

Suman Saha is an interdisciplinary performing artiste, practicing in the field of Indian theatre and dance-theatre for last 17 years. As an actor he has specialized in Angika Abhinaya (physical acting). He studied Natya-Shastra under Guru Kalamandalam Piyal. He joined IFTA in 2001. He received the Best Actor Award in the 10th National Youth Festival 2005, Hyderabad.


The Playwrights

Bhāsa is one of the earliest and most celebrated Indian playwrights in Sanskrit.

Rabindranath Tagore was an Indian polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art with Contextual Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th century. 


The Group

Bengal Repertory, a multi-disciplinary theatre group of young art enthusiasts and professionals, is working with a vision to nurture traditions and to inspire experimentation in the field of performing arts for last nine years. The repertory has three distinct sub-field of work i.e. Dance, Theatre and Dance-theatre. Bengal Repertory has two festival entities named Samsadhan and Natyadhara. Along with regular theatre activities and production process Bengal Repertory is running its Kathak based dance training and recitation training programme for last eight years.


Cast & Credits

Sutradhar                                Prabir Kr Sadhukhan

Courtier 1                               Mrittika

Courtier 2                               Chandrani Sarkar

Karna                                      Suman Saha

Shalya                                     Soumyajit Adhikary

Kunti                                      Sulakshana Chakraborty

Krishna                                    Ritusri Chaudhuri

Karna (Young)                                     Sylvia Sharma Bhattacharya

Parashurama                           Arindam Dutta

Indra                                       Prabir Kr Sadhukhan

Devduta                                  Arghya Roy

Chorus                                     Hriday Pal

                                                Sanchari Mukherjee

                                                Ankur Ghosh

                                                Pintu Barai

                                                Akash Kirtaniya

                                                Debjit Roy

Sarod                                       Monit Paul

Indian Percussions                   Subhasis Sarkar          

Assistant Percussionist             Anup Ghoshal

Esraj                                        Shambo Mukherjee

Vocal                                       Rik Amrit

Music Arrangement                 Subhasis Sarkar

Lighting Arrangement              Dipankar Sarkar

Sound Engineering                   Bikramjit Dawn

Props Management                  Pintu Barui

Make-Up Artist                                    Bhanu Mitra

Executive in-charge                 Rik Amrit



Design & Direction                 Suman Saha   

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